Improving your Business Communication

By Caroline Cleary, Bewitch Marketing.  @bewitchmarketin

When there is a message to get out there to your audience, it’s time to stop and think: Who am I talking to, how do they need to receive this information and most importantly: am I helping my business by communicating?

CommunicateEffective business communication can help you to strengthen your internal teams and build effective customer relationships in order to:

  • attract and win new customers
  • nurture, retain and grow customers already transacting
  • entice a return by lapsed customers

Make Your Communication Strategy More Effective
Clear and concise communication enables your target audience to understand your message and take the action you desire.

Different people receive and process information differently so it’s important to avoid confusion through strong single messages and appropriate repetition.

Let’s get Communicating…
When there’s something worth saying on behalf of your organisation, make sure that you communicate it in the right way by asking yourself 5 simple questions:

  • OBJECTIVE:  which goal are you trying to meet?
  • AUDIENCE:  who are you communicating with?
  • MESSAGE:  what do you need to say and when?
  • ACTION:  how do the audience need to react?
  • MEASUREMENT:  was your communication a success?

Understanding the needs of your target audience helps them to connect with you; engage in your brand and help your business to grow both in sales and reputation.

REMEMBER: Objective, Audience, Message, Action & Measurement


Caroline ClearyAbout the author:

With a real belief that ‘Marketing Where Sales Begin’, and true experience of client-side issues, Caroline Cleary avidly believes in the twinning of technology with marketing communications, and in utilising this power to create real and qualified face-to-face and online opportunities.

With over 10 years B2B and B2C cross-industry experience, Caroline has a specialism in results orientated marketing, occupying the often-vacant space between traditional marketing and sales.

Bewitch MarketingCaroline runs her own marketing business, Bewitch Marketing, offering expertise and know-how in the following key areas:  Live Marketing & Events, New Business Development, Internet Marketing, Product Launches, Rebranding, Database Marketing, Customer Churn/Loyalty Management, Sales Management, New Business Acquisition, Campaign Management, Customer Retention, Reactivation Strategies and CRM Implementation (esp. Lead/Opportunity Management)

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