Too good to be true?

Sometimes you see fantastic offers from companies who virtually give away their products.

Wow, this is fantastic‘ is probably your first thought.

But then you will probably think ‘OK, whats the catch?’

One catch might well be the quality of the support you will get after you have parted with your money.

Then a catch for cheap hosting might well be that they will include hidden charges. An example is you register your domain name with them, then find that there is an extortionate ‘handling charge’ you have to pay to move your domain away.

Or a catch for cheap web design is that they will keep the rights to the design and force you to host with them and if you want to host your site somewhere else, you will have to start again with a new design.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

We would rather be up front, telling people what they are paying for and what all the charges are. And our aim is to give first class customer service.
“Today’s technology – old fashioned values!”

And Thank You to all our great customers.


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