Web Cam at Attenborough Sailing Club

Had an interesting little project to do. Setting up a web cam at Attenborough Sailing Club.

Racing on Sunday 22nd April
Racing on Sunday 22nd April

The club has installed a web cam. It gives some great views over the water. Others have done a grand job sorting out the broadband and the actual camera.

Then my bit of the project has been to integrate it into the web site. An interesting little PHP exercise.

We have set it up so that it uploads still images once an hour and when it spots activity so we have got a page giving a carousel of the most recent pictures.

At the moment, it displays the 100 most recent pictures during daylight. I’ve got a few other ideas, one would be to be able to choose a day for pictures to display.

There is also the ability to see the live webcam pictures.

Should have been racing today.
Should have been racing today.

It has been interesting to view the pictures during the recent stormy conditions. And there have been some good pictures captured on race days.

Currently Google Analytics is showing the web cam page is competing with the race results page for the second most popular page, behind the home page.

The Attenborough Sailing Club webcam can be seen at www.attenboroughsc.org.uk/~webcam/

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