Linda at Wild Ideas was introduced to Sapna, and her ayurvedic massage business by Bina.

Sapna wanted a website and logo for her new business, but like many people just starting out, was very limited with funds to pay for the service.

Ayur-VedAt the time Wild Ideas and DBN were offering a FREE website with any design work, so Sapna was able to pay for her logo design but get a starter website for FREE.

A pleasant face to face briefing meeting was arranged by email, at The Mickleover Court Hotel, Derby, a convenient mid point between Wild Ideas and Ayurved own locations.

Linda (Wild Ideas) and Sapna (Ayurved) had a good conversation, looking at the simple leaflet and text that Sapna has already had printed, discussing ideas for the logo.

Sapna had also brought with her a few image ideas for inspiration for the website.

Linda gaining an understanding of what ayurvedic massif and therapies are all about, and turning that into image ideas and colours to suggest to Sapna.

Linda also often does lots of sketches and doodles during the briefing and writes down words that are triggered during the conversation, that might make good straplines and headlines to be used as part of the design.

So armed with lots of agreed ideas for themes, colours and imagery icons, Linda was able to type this into a detailed quotation for Sapna to sign prior to starting any work.

The rest of the design process was mostly completed by email, with the occasional phone call.

Unusually, Wild Ideas used a system font for the Logo name, but it just felt so right for the brand, and then a google font that complemented it well for all additional text and wording on the website.

The design colours were based around multi-cultural skin tones, and warm shades, with the imagery inspired from the elements of earth, air, fire, water and ether, and candles. The significance of the number 5 was also incorporated in one version of the logo.

Wild ideas submitted 3 or 4 suggestions for the logo design based around the same theme, and Sapna selected 2 formats that allowed a different layout for displaying the brand in various places.

Moving on to the website, Sapna had already written text to explain the business ethos, and had detailed pricing structure and descriptions of treatments.

Wild Ideas was able to select appropriate wording from that which Sapna had supplied to create a headline to concisely explain what Ayurved is all about.

Linda did lots of image research with the Wild Ideas preferred image library, for the website but unfortunately Sapna really struggled to find images that she felt were appropriate.

The rest of the website design was completed and had been approved by Dennis, the webmaster at DBN, so Linda used some great library images in the meantime until Sapna could choose her own to replace them.

With nothing further for Wild Ideas to complete, the design file was passed over to DBN, for us to start coding.

Sapna felt that the amount of information she wanted to include was too much for the “FREE” one page starter site, so agreed to pay a nominal additional DBN fee to create a 3 page website for her business. We were able to evolve the original design in a cost effective manner.

You can see Sapna’s new website at www.ayur-ved.co.uk.

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